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You make your saving help my shield,

and your right hand sustains me;

your help has made me great.

You provide a broad path for my feet,

so that my ankles do not give way.

Psalm 18:35-36

We have news to share. One of our board members is making a life change to spend more time on the mission field, mostly in Liberia but will serve in other places. This board member is not new to mission work, he has spent close to 25 years serving in far away places. Starting next month Travis Sheets will travel to Liberia where he will spend 6 weeks working along side the team encouraging them to brush up on their skills and knowledge of work at the ARC. Travis will continue to go back and forth to Liberia as the team steps back up to manage the livestock and demonstration grounds at the ARC to high standards. While stateside, Travis will be working at an event center and winery to help them increase tourist and event traffic to their venue. He will also be working with a private Christian school as they explore short term mission opportunities and Farming God's Way training on their campus.

As Travis arrives for his short visit, the Sebalds will be making the summer return to the States. If you would like to have the Sebalds come to your small group, Bible study group, Church and or your office picnic the Sebalds may be available. Please contact the Mission to make arrangements or Bill and Holly directly. They have a lot to share about the many ways the Lord is using them on the field and the fruit of their labor, they are doing great work.



Join with us as we celebrate Konah Drogbay and the 8 years of service he gave to the ARC. Konah and his family have been friends of the mission since the Sheets returned to Liberia during the Ebola Crisis. The Drogbay family were some of the first neighbors to welcome the Sheets back. When the Sheets did not hesitate to hug them the Drogbay's became very curious about this mission and the rest became Christ centered history. Konah came back to the ARC in 2016 looking to volunteer, learn more about the mission and Farming God's Way. After 6 months of learning and wanting to learn about agriculture development the Board offered Konah a spot on the team.

Konah will be spending more time focusing on his Pastoral duties and work with the Inland Church. We are grateful to Konah and the Drogbay family for the friendship, leadership, and kindness they have extended to the mission and for growing Liberia. May the Lord bless Konah and his work in the Church.



Take a look at the corn. The team has reported that both the Liberian corn and the Sweet Corn are coming up fine. This planting is in the low land as they are still in the dry season.

The snails are doing great, growing, and multiplying. The team just recently had another training from Jerry Seyea, one of the first LICC Agriculture graduates. This training focused on feed making, breeding, and marketing. The ARC team is looking forward to sharing their knowledge and product with the local market.



We are very excited to announce our first ever annual Golf Outing, August 10th at Cool Lake Golf Course. We are looking for players, donations for raffle prizes, and volunteers. If you would like to help in any way please contact Justin Trent at 765-337-6931.



We are grateful for your prayers, trials are our refining fire, thank you for walking alongside us.

Praise that Michael Dahn is slowly joining back at the ARC and doing some Farming God's Way training with Pastor Bill!

Praise as Mark Kolleh has been working with his community as they grieve the passing of woman whose husband tried to seek medical help for her but to no avail. Some people in the community accused the husband of not doing enough. Mark has been the truth speaker and the giver of light in what can be very dark situations.

Prayer for Joshua and Love as Joshua prepares to leave for the USA for his six weeks of tenure as a Nelson Mandela Fellow. Pray that Joshua can discern what he sees and hears in the USA that will challenge his faith. Pray for Love as she remains in Liberia and continues her studies at LICC that she will take comfort in the insight and connections that Joshua is making will further his professional growth.

Prayer for the Sebalds as they will soon depart for the USA, for sooth travel and rest upon returning home.

Please pray over the Sheets family for peace as they again transition from a steady income position to more reliance that "God's right hand will sustain them".

Please pray for the "new" ARC team members as they learn new practices to implement and expectations to meet.

Pray for the team in place that they will dig back into their tool boxes and work with revived vigor.


Thank you for your support of the mission, this work is not possible without the time, talent, tears, and treasure that you extend. We are very grateful.

If you would like to make a donation please see the link below. Until next time, stayed prayed up!

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