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Mission Trips

Interested in joining us on a mission trip?  

Here are our upcoming trips for 2024


We are planning a trip to Liberia leaving October 19th and returning November 2nd, 2024.

We are thinking the trip will cost between $2,500 and $3,000 which includes airfare, in country housing and meals, in country transportation, project and communication funds, visa, and global/medical evacuation insurance.

If you want to be on the "more information" list please contact us at


What Will I Do

This question is often asked; "what will I do?".  The answers are what can you share, what do you know, what do you feel like you can share?  There have been many types of activities from reading glasses clinics, to literacy classes, to farm visits, animal husbandry training, knitting classes, water color lessons, Bible quizzing, medical and dental clinics, accounting training, computer literacy classes, and plant and agriculture training.

We never know what God has planned for you when He calls you to go, we just know we are honored to be a part of your calling some come join us.

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