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Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Join us in raising funds to fight Rabies, a preventable viral disease which can be controlled through effective vaccination and population management, an estimated 59,000 people still die each year and roughly 3 million remain at risk. Of these deaths, the majority occur in children in rural communities in Africa (36%), where domestic dogs are the main identifier. In a study conducted specifically in 3 cities in Liberia (Pan African Medical Journal) over five years 2012-2017 there were estimated 559 deaths in these 3 cities (Gbanga, Vonjama, Monrovia) from rabies. In 2020 the first two months of 2020 seven deaths were attributed to rabies from a rabid dog bite.

Under Dr. Pope's guidance in 2016 Hope In The Harvest Missions International conducted Liberia's first Rabies Vaccination Clinic, since then over 1,000 dogs and cats have been vaccinated by trained staff at the Agriculture Research Center (ARC).

In January of 2024 the ARC will benefit from Dr. Pope's visit along with another guest Veterinarian who will work with ARC staff to again vaccinate dogs and cats.

Will you join us in raising funds to purchase supplies and doses for this vaccination clinic?

Click the link below to make your donation today and thank you for your time and your treasure.

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