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Impact Area 3



Liberia International Christian College (LICC) was established in 2009 by the United Liberian Inland Church (ULIC). Originally the school offered only Associates Degrees, but starting in 2017 the school was accredited to offer Bachelor’s Degrees. During its existence, the school has graduated over 2,000 students. Students can choose from four different areas of study: Agriculture, Business, Theology, or Education. Hope in the Harvest is in partnership with LICC when it comes to the agriculture department.

The Agricultural Research Center located on the LICC campus is a joint project between the school and Hope in the Harvest and is used as a teaching, demonstration, and research facility for the 70+ students in the agriculture department. Our missionaries, Nathan and Anna Glenn, are also currently working at LICC and serving as instructors in the agriculture department helping to teach classes, develop curriculum, train teachers, and establish more leadership programs for the students.

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