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2024 1st Quarter Update

In January a team of 15 met up in Chicago and traveled to Liberia. The States of Kansas, Oklahoma, Michigan, Indiana, and Arizona were well represented. One team member was experiencing international travel for the first time, six were first timers to Liberia, and the rest were old friends to the mission and work at the ARC.

The team stayed very busy on this trip; from holding rabies vaccination clinics, to school visits, preaching, teaching welding and welding safety, to conducting four reading glasses clinics, to farm tours, conducting biosecurity training, and Farming God's Way overview, there was always something to do. Thank you for supporting the team with your prayers, especially for Dan as he navigated what to do after his motorbike accident. Dan's bad experience became an opportunity of testimony to his driver as Dan walked the driver through the steps of faith.

It was an action and heat packed trip for sure.

Are you thinking about joining a mission trip? Stay tuned as a fall trip is being planned, if you want more information contact Gina at



It is always good to return to the ARC and catch up with friends. These two friends, Dr. Corey Pope and Peter Tozay, have some great history of making a difference in Liberia.

Dr. Pope has been to Liberia multiple times and each time he and Peter work through the lab making changes and improvements. This time one big change was bringing Peter back to the ARC as a team member. Two years ago Peter left the ARC and while he would assist for a short time (like mission teams visiting) he would not return to the team, until this year. How excited we are to have Peter back, he is already making a difference with is his knowledge and abilities. To date over 800 rabies vaccinations have been done, he repaired two incubators that were deemed not to be operational, and he is training another team member in managing the lab. Welcome back Peter.



Join us as we celebrate Joshua Zemah's recent award of being 2024 Mandela Washington Fellow. Joshua will depart for the USA, along with other Fellows from around Africa. Joshua will be spending 6 weeks in Jackson Mississippi, at the University of Mississippi. During his time he participate in a Summit with other leaders, meet with U.S. Government, civic, and business leaders to strengthen his skills, ideas, and connections. What an honor this is for Joshua and we are very proud of him.



Pastor Bill Sebald goes where he is called and this was the road he was called to go down, yep this road. You really need to see the post on the mission Facebook page as it was a four part post of how a team of five set out to conduct Farming God's Way in Yobloke and Yorken. "Sunday February 25, the team started a two day journey to Maryland county, Liberia. Mica - the Dutch man, Emmanuel Dahn, Joshua Zemah, Galima Malawo, and pastor Bill comprised the team. Although a portion of the road has improved, it is still a two day trip and only a two month window for safe passage on muddy roads. Our trip was at the tail end of that window."

You have to read the post to get this whole story "Suddenly, a large group of young men came running to the bridge with machetes and began to throw boards into the water and told us to turn around."



We appreciate your support of the mission and the work taking place on the field. Your support continues the education and development of agriculture training and education.

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer. Please join us as we pray

  • for Joshua as he prepares for this trip to the USA

  • for Mark Kolleh and his leadership of the ARC

  • for the Sebalds, Bill, Holly, and David as they serve on the field bring light to a dark world

  • pray for Farming God's Way to continue to grow in Liberia

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