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Farming God’s Way (FGW) is a tool being used around the globe to lift the yoke of poverty.  From demonstrating and teaching Farming God’s Way on the campus of the Liberia International Christian College (LICC) to making trips into the bush, we extend agricultural education that is deeply rooted in Biblical teachings.  We work alongside people to nurture and grow their faith and their food, empowering them in their futures.


Through the Farming God’s Way curriculum, which teaches aspects of agricultural technology as well as management and biblical concepts, we hope to address these challenges and create opportunities for people to come to know Christ as their savior as well as enable them to feed themselves and their communities, helping to reduce food insecurity and lifting families out of poverty.


Technically, the laws that God has put in place in creation for the most productive ecosystems in the world include little or no soil disturbance, no destruction or incorporation of surface organic residues and a significant biodiversity of species. In keeping with this we model our agricultural practices on the above through:

  1.  No ploughing

  2.  100% mulch covers (which we refer to as God’s Blanket)

  3.  Practicing rotations


We have to teach the poor to make a sustainable profit for them to come out of poverty. The 3 management keys are:

  1.  On time

  2.  To high standards

  3.  With minimal wastage

Biblical God’s Word brings the revelation and enlightenment that the yoke is first and foremost a spiritual yoke. If we only deal with the technical and management keys we will not be able to deliver the poor. We teach six major biblical keys to unlocking the potential of the land and its people. They are:

  1. Acknowledge God and God alone

  2. Consider your ways

  3. Understanding God’s all-sufficiency

  4. What you sow you will reap

  5. Bring the tithes and offerings to God

  6. Stake your claim

You can support outreach to one village with your donation of $800.00

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