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It is about the next generation. Please join us as we stand with the Liberian children whose day to day activities could be held hostage by greed and self supremacy. From now to October 10th, the day of the Presidential election, please keep Liberia top of mind. Please pray for peace, please pray for clear winners to be announced, and for gracious winners and losers to demonstrate civility. Join us each morning and in your prayer time please stand in the gap for Liberia, to seek peace during this voting process, and when you are waiting for the light to change, stand in the gap for these children to have safe tomorrows, and when you are thanking Jesus for the blessings of the Father, thank Him for peace in Liberia.





(especially when you have no idea what it is)

From Agriculture Coordinator Peter Tokpah:

Greetings everyone, hope you all are doing pretty well. We appreciate all of your support and courage towards the ARC and we will continue to do our best for the betterment of the instruction.

During the past, we have been working with students all over the ARC in order to help improve the practical skills in their various disciplines.

This week was pretty wonderful with the students harvesting their products. Imagine how they started when their work, their friends and other students thought that this crop couldn't grow here (Liberia) but seeing them harvesting their own product was so amazing. The most exciting part about it all was, going to find market and do the sale by themselves.

Finally most of them are even thinking about growing carrots at their home and at their farm because we were able to make them over come the traditional belief and the fear of exotic species of crops.

We always have fun in working together.



Thank you to everyone who supported the our "Happy Snails Project". We are happy to report our goal was met and the first breeding facility was built. The picture to the left shows the system without the roof. The middle picture shows the snails out taking a walk in the morning air. The picture to the right shows the zinc roof being added so the snails are not embarrassed by the sun. We are thrilled for how quick the response was to our video, thank you again - Mark and the team.



A brief from Peter:

The above picture is of the internship students we had with us at the ARC. We have been very busy with the CEPRES UNIVERSITY issue both academically and practically.

With all that, we just climaxed their internship program today and we had a little closing program for them which Dr. Kiamu, along with the Academy dean and some of the staff of the College and the ARC participated.

The team decided to present certificates to all the students for their hard work and also encourage them to spread the message to the rest of their friends at their University and other areas to make LICC as their area of refuge in the field of agriculture.



Hello friends, this past few weeks we worked with several farmers that are applying the methods of Farming God's Way. They include Emmanuel, the fellow that is managing Justin's Farm, and Samuel in Lofa who is championing the method of Farming God's Way.

Plenser McCoy's farm manager is willing to adopt Farming God's Way method of farming. Plenser also asked us to work with her workers on her farm in order to implement Farming God's Way method.

On Friday three men team visited the ARC to ask us to work with their group members. This group came from Gburyi Community, in Ganta.

We praise God that the method of Farming God's Way is gradually being adapted by some farmers and that we can share the love of Christ and Biblical applications with people who have heard about Jesus but do not know Him, yet.

Many of the farmers groups in the area of Dordeala are working with are producing rice and beans. Some of the farmers groups were able to raise a little over one thousand USD for themselves. Because of the ARC's contact it was the World Food Program that bought their rice and beans to feed the schools under their control. We thank God for connections and this work.

Thank you for your continued prayers and your generous support of this program, together we will grow the seeds of Christ and agriculture across Liberia.

May God hold us tight - Pastor Konah



For many of us the sounds of gun fire and running as fast as possible are still painful memories. We have experienced the horror of war the time of unrest, a time where families were torn apart, children working for evil against their will and with little understanding. Liberia has made small progress since the end of war and yes there is so much more to be done. You good people are helping us learn, see, experience, and understand how to develop our Churches, our families, our communities, our farms, our schools, all to develop our country. We praise God for that and we no take it light it is serious giving and blessings. Now please pray with us to keep the peace, to keep the small lights of hope, faith, and growth to continue to keep the darkness away. Please pray when ever you can and know God hears every one of prayers. Thank you to our world family.

Please consider donating to the work of Hope In The Harvest Missions International. Our team of 19 works hard to ensure good stewardship of the funds to grow agriculture and Christ in Liberia. You can donate via the link below which takes you to our PayPal platform or send a check to HITHMI, 352 West Clinton Street, Frankfort IN 46041

Thank you.

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