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This picture is meaningful in many different ways. This picture was taken at the ARC, in the Dr. James Milstead Science Laboratory. "Doc" was accomplished in many fields, a caring husband, father, grandpa, and friend, a Veteran, a Church elder, deacon, and mission chair, an accomplished writer/author, he was well respected around the world as a medical doctor who traveled and served in many countries and Doc was one of the visionaries who launched Hope In The Harvest Missions International, serving as the first Board President.

Now the folks in the picture have never met Doc but they share more in common than this lab - the people standing behind the counter are in-terns for Mercy Ships. Mercy Ships was founded by Don Stephens who says the same thing that Doc would say when Hope In The Harvest first started "people don't know what they don't know" and Doc would say "but we know God is calling". Mercy Ships' mission transcends borders and changes lives, following the model of Jesus. Mercy Ships do not sail into a country, do complicated surgeries and leave - they sail into a country, they do complicated surgeries, they train, they engage and they impact through service and developing the next generation of in country medical professionals. Hope In The Harvest Missions International works to train, engage and impact through service to see a new generation of Christ transformed hearts and agriculture knowledge.

Seeing this next generation of medical professionals in the Dr. James Milstead Lab that many donors and supporters, like you, helped build and equip puts a smile in our hearts.

Thank you for blessing people you do not know, and in ways you did not know were possible. We are looking for to purchase more equipment for the laboratory and if you would like to donate please click the link below to give via credit card or send a check to our office; 352 West Clinton Street, Frankfort IN, 46041



Hello, my name is Mariah Larson. I am 17 years old. I was born and raised in West Lafayette, IN along with my six siblings. I’ve been a member at the Immanuel RP Church for three years. Through mission trips to the ECHO Global Research Farm in Florida, I learned a lot about sustainable agriculture methods for third world countries. This year, God has placed on my heart the desire to go and serve him in Liberia with the Hope in the Harvest mission. I first heard about the mission years ago during a VBS fundraiser for the Sebald’s to help them purchase orange trees.