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Making the way, Peter is working hard to see Liberia raise not just her agriculture standards but raise transformed hearts for Christ. July presented the Liberia team the opportunity to make a way without the mission families on the field, the Sebalds were in USA and the Glenns took a trip to Morocco. While the families were missed the team did keep up with the responsibilities of the ARC.

Ten years ago in the month of July Hope In The Harvest Missions International filed the Indiana and the IRS paperwork to become a not for profit entity working internationally. How fitting after 10 years that once again HITHMI is looking for another missionary/mission family to join us on the field in Liberia. If you are interested in joining the service of work in Liberia please contact us via phone call (Gary Adams 317-331-3571 or Travis Sheets 765-490-9277) or send an email to While we would like to have someone with agriculture experience we have learned that God will send the right person or family to join us.


10 AND 10

In September we are celebrating our 10 years with a 10 and 10 campaign. As we continue to grow in Liberia for special projects (like fencing all the fish ponds and updating the ARC lab) and maintaining work as the cost of production, in reach, and processing increase we are looking for 10’s:

10 people who will tell 10 people about HITHMI - share the work of Hope In The Harvest Missions International with your book club, your Rotary Club, your small group, your lunch group, your running club, your biking club - tell them HITHMI has been around 10 years and seeing agriculture development grow in Liberia and with your help Liberians will see true transformation take place in their homes, communities, and Liberia.

10 people who will sponsor HITHMI at $10.00 a month – donate below or send a check to HITHMI, 352 E Clinton Street, Frankfort IN 46041

10 people who will donate $100.00 a month – donate below or send a check to HITHMI, 352 E Clinton Street, Frankfort IN 46041

10 people who will support the updating of lab equipment in the Dr. James Milstead Science Lab at $1,000.00 each – donate below or send a check to HITHMI, 352 E Clinton Street, Frankfort IN 46041



Meet our second short term missionary Lydia Ausban. Lydia will be joining the Sebalds and Mariah Larson as they travel to Liberia in September. We are very excited to see what the Lord will be doing in their lives.

My name is Lydia Ausban, I’m 20 years old and I am from Lafayette IN.

For the last four years I have worked at a local greenhouse so I am so excited to hopefully put what I’ve learned to good use serving in Liberia!

For a long time I’ve had a heart for overseas missions and I am so thankful for this opportunity, I can’t wait to see how Jesus works over these next few months!



This is never something we thought we would see; a mechanical grass cutter at the ARC. When the lawn mower arrived Mackeson immediately recognized it as years before he use to mow the grass around the campus of the mine.



A representative came from WFP to discuss the issue on corn production in Liberia. He said that World Food Program is ready to give money to some farmers in order to produce corn on a large scale. He also mentioned a partnership between the ARC and WFP to jointly training the Farmers groups they have selected to empower. Their aim is to encourage them to produce beans and corn.

Being that WFP is in the business of supplying school with food, they will buy the beans from farmers to feed schools. The discussion continues up to the time the both organizations will decide on an MOU. This was the initial meeting.

We are working hard to better manage the generous funds you give and the production we have so that it will be a back for the ARC future operations. There is short wise saying, that says, "In time of peace prepare for war". We pray it may help with the viability concept.

Prayer concern:

- for God to guide me through, to produce policies for the ARC

- that God will help us set up an improved system in the ARC


- thank God that the vacation period in the absence of the missionaries, there is no struggle or tension in the ARC

We are very grateful to God for what He is doing through the ARC. Liberians are learning how to race different species of birds. Farmers are learning new and improved method of farming. All these are being done through God grace.

May God grant you all wisdom that will help us to improve work performance, create job opportunities and increase productivities.



Last call to join Gary Adams and Travis Sheets in Liberia: 10 day trip to depart sometime around November 6th and return around the 21th (depends on flights and costs). Estimated cost is $2,600.00, you need a current (not to expire until May 2023) passport, yellow fever shot, and a COVID vaccination card, we also recommend being current on Hepatitis shots and Tetanus shot (malaria medication as directed by your doctor).

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