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On Mission Update October 2021


Pictured above amongst a group of students is Michael Dahn one of the Hope In The Harvest Missions International Farming God's Way trainers. Many of you know Michael's life is a life transformed by Christ, and that transformation brings battles. He has faced near death times with is his own health and the health and safety of his family. At the beginning of the month we learned that some jealous neighbors in Michael's community blocked Michael and his family in their home in the middle of the night and set their home on fire. None of this slows Michael down in his sharing the Gospel. He continues training Liberians to depend on God and learn life changing farming management, techniques based on Biblical principles.

This brings us to our exciting news to share - first; last month we announced that we met our goal to purchase a new to the mission Land Cruiser. The Board is in the process of working with team to determine specs and get bids. Second we have another matching grant challenge. If we raise $15,000 in the next three months one donor will meet that with $15,000. What a blessing this will be for the work of the mission. The grant will go towards more Farming God's Way In Reach and the Poultry Feed Project.

If you would like to help us raise $30,000 by contributing to the $15,000 needed please donate on line here:

Or mail your check with RISE UP in the memo to: HITHMI, 352 W Clinton Street, Frankfort Indiana 46041




Hope In The Harvest Missionary Anna Glenn joined agriculture student Prince Teah on the local radio station to promote the second LICC Agriculture Certificate Program that was held this month. Another LICC Agriculture student Edward Miaway was the host of the talk show "Agriculture and You" and welcomed them on air. It's clear Edward is a born journalist and he did a great job asking questions, managing callers, and promoting the program! We ask that you continue to pray for all the students who participated in this program would continue to grow in their love of God and see how their eyes will be open to God's love for us through Agriculture.



Hope In The Harvest Missions International works to share the Gospel through agriculture education to every person, regardless of ability to "pay for an education" on a collegiate level. Partnering with the Liberia International Christian College the Agriculture Certificate Training program works to encourage farmers, producers, or side yard gardeners to come on the college campus and get hands on training that equips the participants to make, we hope, are more viable financial decisions to feed their family and grow productively.

We had over 23 participants in the program, Pastor Bill was there to welcome the participants and motivate them to observe, learn, and be willing to learn new ways that are proven to work. We even had our own Jerry Davis (remember Jerry from last month's newsletter?) talk about the purpose of the greenhouse and the work that takes place in there. Students were in the fields, in the class room, and had hands on opportunities. We give God the glory for His work in the lives of our instructors, students, and staff.



It is important to me that you to see that your prayers, your donations, and your support go beyond radio programs, classrooms, vehicles, students, staff, your love is covering our families, my family. I cannot tell you enough times thank you good people. Some of you I have met, some have met my family, some I won't met until God calls us home, to all of you thank you. Because of your efforts and sacrifices lives are growing for Christ, even our visitors are impacted. This month we had 407 people from Liberia 4-H, to primary students, missionaries, farmers, and others all who felt God's presence on this farm. This month Michael Dahn and I visited the villages we had conducted Farming God's Way workshop in during the past years beginning in Nimba.

The purpose of the visits is to encourage farmers to utilize the ideas learned during the Farming God's Workshop and to consider corn farming. Animal feed production is still a challenge in Liberia because corn farming is yet to be prioritized. Farming God's Way visitation reports proved that the journey to transform Liberia farmers has just begun. The areas include Quindin, Grempea, Grae, Sanpa, Gblouglay, in Tappeta District, Nimba County. From Gbehlay the areas visited were Duoplay, Yeaplay, Goagoutuo, and Zor Gowee. Preparation for Farming God's Way workshops for dry season is in progress.

Thank God for the motor bike, it is helping us to reach the villages that are not accessible by car. We are very grateful to God for this mission that seek to inform and transform Liberia.

Thank you for your giving may God bless you and your family.

~ Konah




People are excited to grow in agriculture education

God grants safe travel for the Farming God's Way trainings

For the matching grant funds and the continued support of the mission

For unity in the team at the ARC, and unity with our partners at LICC

Hope 2's mission conference was refreshing

For the health of the team to be protected and strong

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