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"The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you." Philippians 4:9

Where does time go? Like many of you we ended 2021 in such a rush. Stateside the Mission Board experienced a lot of heart ache with the loss of family members and dealing with surgeries, injuries, and illness. In Liberia the team dealt with their on injuries and sickness in their families. Good news, in December the first Bachelors degree holders in Applied Science of Agriculture graduated from LICC. WOW! And, the Glenns returned for a long visit to the USA.

We give God all the glory, this is His work and we are grateful to participate however He directs. We thank you for your participation and working alongside us in Liberia. Together we are growing the future of Liberia transformed in Christ and agriculture development. We continue to work on fund raising. Are you or your group, Bible Study class, Church looking for a mission to support in 2022? We hope you will consider Hope In The Harvest Missions International. Funds raised go to continue our in reach into the lives of Liberians by sharing the Gospel through agriculture education.

Please make your donation today by clicking the link below or mail your check today to Hope In The Harvest Missions International, 352 West Clinton Street, Frankfort IN 46041



The team has been very busy with Farming God's Way work and sharing. Perhaps the most exciting growth has been with the farmers who have been trained, they have implemented their knowledge, and are working towards feeding their families, selling into the market and supplying corn to the ARC for processing and sale. The team has been very busy visiting and revisiting several farms a month.



We have been planning an exploratory trip to Peru for over two years and it seems like in 2022 it will happen. This will be a small team led by Travis Sheets and Hans Vargas. The purpose is to share the Gospel and observe the farming techniques being used by the Moyobama producers to see if there are opportunities for improvement in yield and market distribution.

The trip is planned for August 6th - August 13th. Estimated costs including international and in country airfare, is $1,900.00. Interested? Email for more information and for the ZOOM call link that will be held on Sunday, February 20th, 4:00EST.



We cannot say thank you enough to donors, supporters, and champions of Hope In The Harvest Missions International. We reached reached our RISE UP matching grant challenge and raised $15,000.00 to be matched by $15,000.00. THANK YOU - THANK YOU. We are excited to see new growth in the way of extending Farming God's Way to new farms and helping existing participates find markets for their products, all while sharing the Gospel.



The weekly workers' training has begun. The goal is to take the work crew through the manual called "Improve your employability". It is hope that taking them through this lesson will help some to improve their work habit. We are also conducting performance evaluations. A three man team consisting of Dr. Kiamu, Bill and myself began the workers evaluation this month. Several workers were interviewed and the process will continue into next month.

As a team we are appreciative of the the newly created mid - managers. These managers (Peter on the left and Ezekiel on the right in the picture below) have begun working with the different groups of workers. The challenge which we are struggling to over come is the idea of setting up goals for each sector of the ARC. Peter and Ezekiel paid a visit to a newly created farm last week. Mr. Sam Slangon invited them to visit his farm so that they could advise him on some of the things he would like to plant and how they could be of help to him in this work.