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Drive the highways, dirt roads, and byways in Liberia and you notice there is not a lot of livestock farming. The reason is not because livestock is not available, the reason is because feed is not available. For the past three years the Glenns, Sebalds, and the team have worked tirelessly to build a better feed source in Liberia for poultry. There is a plan in place to build a viable production network for the producers, growers, and operators. In order to build this network it takes togetherness as demonstrated early in the month of February with the six metric tons of corn arrived at the ARC that needed to be moved and stored for further processing. By the looks on their faces the team rested well from a job well done.


“The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor. He has sent Me to proclaim release to the captives, and recovery of sight to the blind,

to set free those who are oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor." Luke 4:18-19


The topic of hard work and togetherness continue as Holly and Ruth conducted a reading eye glass clinic at the ARC. Over two days 268 readers were fitted for those who needed them. HITHMI has been blest by Ruth's "vision for vision" since 2014 when she organized the first vision clinic. Over the past 8 years Ruth has ran 12 vision clinics with hundreds of people benefiting from prescription glasses, to sun glasses, to reading glasses. What a blessing!



Not sure we need to say more about this picture. If you have been around "Pas-ta" Bill you know his love for Jesus is vibrant, real, and in reaching to many hearts. His teaching is not lost for lack of energy. In February over 65 people were connected to Jesus by extending agriculture education through Farming God's Way. Bill has a way of meeting people where they are and encouraging them to get all in for Christ.

Konah, Mark, and Michael made a trip to Foya, Lofa County to extend Farming God's Way to two communities; Yalladu Korkorsor and Ndoliloe. According to International Freedom Reports it is estimated that nearly 20 percent of Liberia's population is Muslim and Lofa is where the largest percentage live.

The first picture below is Konah in the red shirt, holding the Bible and Michael in the yellow shirt, presenting the Bible is the handbook for agriculture development.

The second picture is the group resting after they have their plots started.



We have many things happening at the ARC. In February 's month we had over 275 visitors to the ARC. With this many people wanting to see, learn, visit, and buy it really takes plenty of work and effort. We are happy to say the hiring of the two mid - managers is helping to lower the burden on management (you met them last month). The operation is not yet perfect but we thank God for what He is doing as it relates to the ARC's operations.

The plant manager has begun the coconut sale, which is so exciting. On the other hand we processed three of the broiler for sale during the course of last week. It looks very different naked (see the pictures below)!

Prayer concern:

- for God to lead us to continue the chicken processing that we learned

- for God to strengthen and encourage level headed workers who will make a different to join the work force in the ARC


We praise God for the two new guys that were hired. They are helping to make a difference in the ARC. May this good God keep determine so that much will be done and much will be transformed.

May God grant you more insight and wisdom as you support us to change our country Liberia, for better. It is my pleasure to assure you that the responsibility is great but God who is the giver of wisdom to grant me and the team the ability to lead, following the examples of Christ our eternal Savior.

Much love ~


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