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Click the play button and learn about the HAPPY SNAIL PROJECT happening at the ARC.

The leadership team, Mark, Peter, and Konah, meet every Tuesday to discuss operations at the LICC Agriculture Research Center - they recognize the role they have to ensure that the teachings of Farming God's Way is carried over into their daily work. Listen as the team explains how they are working to break the dependency cycle in Liberia by building a Happy Snail habitat.

The purpose of this habitat is to demonstrate to community members and ARC visitors that by starting with what you have in your hand you can grow bigger as you manage what you have to high standards.

The team is working on a larger more farmable snail production operation as they work to generate income and viable operations.



Brian leading Farming God's Way training in Peru

In 2022 a team made an exploratory trip to Peru to see if communities would be interested in engaging in Farming God's Way training. The answer was yes and one year later Brian Smith from AgriStewards joined the Vargas family in Peru to lead two Farming God's Way trainings. One took place in just outside Moyabomba and the second one near the village of Naranjillo. A special thanks to the Smith family for the work they do sharing the Gospel through agriculture in-reach around the world, Brian travels, Jennifer holds down the home front and we appreciate their service. Also we would like to thank both Vargas families for once again working with Hope In The Harvest to share the Gospel in Peru.

The training has ended with successful covering of God's blanket on the newly planted field




Konah Drogbay is working with representatives from local Cooperative Groups because the World Food Program will buy from Liberia farmers homegrown food for the WFP school feeding program. This is really exciting to encourage local farmers to engage in more productive farm practices and generate local pride that they are feeding their own school children. It is the desire for Liberian to produce more of what they eat and sell the excess - this is what we are praying and working hard for it to come to reality in Liberia.

May the resurrected Saviour Jesus Christ who gives wisdom, understanding and abundance life to anyone who faithfully asked of Him grant you agape love as you go through this communication. May God multiply your resources as you continue to help the helpless. Thank you for your continued support of Hope In The Harvest Missions International.




Greetings everyone, trust all is well with you all. I am grateful to the almighty God for the successful end of this academic semester and also the end of the month of June.

The last two weeks I have been working with the students on their Final Exam and submission of grades.

With that, I have been working with the students to make sure that all of the projects (Tomatoes, Carrots and Lettuce) we've been working on be finalized and turned over to the ARC for completion.

Furthermore, We have been working on changing our brooding system in the poultry building in order to reduce the mortality of our day old chicks. So currently, we are using the LAB to do our brooding.

Brooding system for the chicks

Finally, we are trying to do some ground work with the snail project which we hope you watch the video and support our work.

Thanks for your continue supports, we will continue to do our best.




Up and running again. I believe it is important to maintain the beauty of the Liberia International Christian College where the ARC is located. We built this fountain eight years ago and as we got busy we forgot to maintain it. Today this fountain has been restored as a welcome point to the campus, demonstrating a higher standard we have as Liberians for the area around us. No where in Liberia will you have a campus like we have at LICC. We hope you can come see it when the group comes in January. We are mindful of the support you have given us and we use the funds wisely and maintain what we have.

Did you see our snail video? We want to build a large place for the snails but are starting small so that the local community can replicate this work and make small money for themselves.

We are busy as a management team some months we have over 300 visitors to the ARC to train, learn, observe and share practices to grow Liberia. We are trying to do God's work here. Thank you good people.



Ready to see this good work for yourself and become a part of the story? Join us in January of 2024 for a two week trip to Liberia. Cost is $3,000.00 which includes visa, airfare, all in country food, housing, and in country transportation. You are responsible for medication/shots, souvenirs, airport meals, passport (CHECK IT NOW!) and special project supplies (if you have gift you want to share i.e. art supplies, special tools, ect.)

Email to receive the July 16th Zoom link! Come and join us!



Thank you - thank you - thank you - we appreciate you.

Praise that the Sebald's are in the USA enjoying some rest and relaxation

Praise that the transmitter went out in the brooder but the team quickly realized it and repaired before losing all the chicks

Pray for the upcoming October Presidential election is peaceful and without chaos

Pray for the team God puts together to travel in January to Liberia to be equipped to carry out His work

Pray for monthly contributions to continue to bless the mission. It costs about $10,000.00 a month to operate in Liberia

If you would like to donate we would be grateful. You may send a check to

HITHMI, 352 West Clinton Street, Frankfort IN 46041

or donate here on line using Paypal:

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