What’s New? Take A Look At Our September Update

Attached is our September update: September email

Many of you ask “what is a normal week like for you guys?” Living here brings a whole new definition of the word normal…

This week we faced constant rain to relishing the brief minutes of sunlight. We battle the growing mold on our ceilings during the daytime on to awake to the sound and sight of a river running across the bedroom floor. There is the smell of damp furniture, damp clothes and damp towels, to the smell of an electrical fire in a bedroom. There is no current as our generators are not working and the electricity is out in the entire country. We dealt with the birth of rabbits and guinea pigs to the death of peacocks, turkeys and every single incubated egg. We paid for 12 dairy goats to be delivered only to have to drive to the border ourselves and retrieve 11. Two days later the 12th one arrived on a motorbike. We rejoiced over the completion of the pouring of the agriculture center’s third floor and began building an amphitheater. We taught at a women’s conference on a Friday and then lead a Saturday morning youth program, to preaching on Sunday. We are enrolling young people in primary and high school and expelling students from college classes. We grieved the sudden, unexpected death of a friend to rejoicing when a healthy boy child was delivered in spite of a high risk pregnancy. In the fence of the Ag Center we faced the devil at work to the start up of weekly Church services and Bible study. We counseled a couple who has been married for 23 years, estranged for 20 of those years, to work together for their children’s sake, to guiding a couple who has been living together for 8 years and they are now planning their church marriage. We were told about the need of a young girl to have donated blood to donating the blood ourselves. We teach agriculture classes filled with students who have a passion to learn and work with villagers who have a passion to farm.

Life is amazing – we are grateful for this experience.

Please feel free to share this newsletter with anyone who may be interested in the work.

Thank you all for all of your work!

Much love –

Gina and Trav

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