U.S.A. Farming God’s Way Training

This 3 day seminar will be presented by Grant Dryden (author of the Farming God’s Way resources from South Africa) and Brian Smith (Agristewards USA) and cover the full spectrum of Farming God’s Way’s integrated content of Biblical keys, management and technology including a practical planting a Well watered garden on Lamb farms on the final day.
Who should attend – this is seminar is especially geared to those who God has given a heart for the poor so they can be equipped to be able to extend this wonderful tool wherever God sends them to serve.

Venue – New Hope Church Whitestown
Practical Venue – Lamb Farms 15mins away (transport will be provided)
Times – full days training with optional evening sessions

Cost – $30
Many accomodation options are available in the area.

If you plan to attend this training session or would like more information please contact Brian Smith email – brian.smith@tds.net
For more info about Farming God’s Way and the available resources go towww.farming-gods-way.org or contact info@farming-gods-way.org


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