This Is All He Has

This is all he has, he is sick and no where to go:

Since our return he has worked as a day laborer, hard working kid. We had not seen him since Dec. 23 until yesterday. He showed up carrying everything he owns, kicked out of his tiny rented room because the people “thought” he had Ebola. What he has is a hernia, which if not operated on soon will kill him. Yesterday we took him to the hospital for tests and got a list of all the surgery supplies he will have to bring with him. With no where to go he comes back to the center where we made him a bed on the green house floor, gave him food, clothes, soap and tooth paste. Today he was loaded up and taken to have his blood tested so he can buy some blood for his surgery that we hope is done on Thursday. When his surgery is over he will come back to his bed in the green house so we can keep an eye on him until he recovers. We will have him do some small work as he is able so he can earn money as he recovers to rent a room again and get back on his feet. This is just one of many situations we see daily. Please pray for our friend Ozino and many others like him that we cannot reach in time.


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