Agricultural transformation

From the CIA Factbook there are 226 countries in the world and Liberia is the 225th poorest country, with the majority of the population living on less than $1 a day.

Liberia imports over 90% of its food, although Africa is one of the most arable soils in the world.  70% of the Liberians are farmers and 51% live in urban areas

Liberia has lost the knowledge of basic agriculture production.

HITHM will bring an agriculture program to the Ganta area and the LICC campus, starting the first quarter of 2013 to engage by year end 2014.

To demonstrate the love of Christ through Farming God’s Way. Farming God’s Way brings a Bible based solution to the food security and poverty crisis the rural poor are facing in Liberia. This program is well balanced between the spheres of biblical, technology and management agriculture solutions to equip the poor to come out of poverty with what God has put in their hands and revealing the fullness of HIS promise of abundant life.


Personal transformation –

Over one fourth of the Liberian population died during the time period of 1980 to 2004.  Due to the decimation of the country businesses that once flourished are gone along with knowledge of small business operations. HITHM will work with Liberians to begin building an entrepreneurial powered market.  This work will start by year end 2013.

To demonstrate the love of Christ through the borrowing of talent. The borrowing of talent will be from individuals from around the globe; to share their skills, knowledge and experience with the Liberians.

These transformational processes will train the trainers so that knowledge, skills and adoption of sound biblical business principles will continue to flourish from generation to generation.

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