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        Today Trav was invited to speak and introduce Farming God’s Way (FGW) at a church regional meeting in the Village of Baugn.  Baugn is about an hour and a half from Ganta.  Trav was met with hands held out, hugs, and open hearts- a tremendous reception.  The whole village and more seem to be there to greet him.  After all the handshakes, usually at least two per person, they entered the church building to hear more on this “unusual” farming technique.  The attendees wanted Trav to go on and present more than just an introduction, they wanted the entire 3-day workshop. Since the villagers were ready to receive Trav and learn about FGW he promised to return and present the entire program in the near future.  Trav said there was easily 200 people there and by this afternoon there would be over 1,000.  He introduced FGW to gage the interest of the people to see if he should return to do the training.  There was a resounding yes when will you come. They gave us fruit and sugar cane and $1,000LD.  The minister of the church told Trav that money was coming and to accept it, he spoke very boldly, “do not turn it down take it”.  Trav took the money.

        As they were leaving the village and on the main road to return to Ganta, suddenly Trav told Mark to stop the truck.  Trav had no idea why they were stopping but he looked over to the right and saw a boy pushing a motor bike and a young girl walking behind it.  As they got closer to them, Trav saw the girl was crying.  He asked her what was wrong and she shared with him that her babying was dying.  That was when Trav saw this lifeless baby in her arms.  They were walking to the clinic to seek treatment for the baby.  Trav told them to get in the truck and off they sped to the clinic, which by truck was another 40 minutes away.  When they got to the clinic Trav opened the glove box to get out his phone and there was that $1,000LD.  He took the money and went inside with the young mother and baby.  The staff quickly took the baby and said “this baby is dying we need to seek treatment immediately”. A blood test was done and it was determined the baby was in stage four malaria.  The only thing to save this baby would be a blood transfusion; the baby was O positive and needed blood.  Trav, Mark and the young Pastor, that Travis had only met today, went to the lab to see what type of blood they had.  The Pastor and Trav both tested O positive. (God-incident, Trav and I just talked about how we need to know what our blood types are).  By now this young girl had family starting to arrive and were willing to negotiate to buy blood.  Trav said mine would have been free but they were already spoken with the Pastor and he was more than willing to give blood for the first time in his life. Trav was probably God’s back-up plan had the Pastor declined to give.  

      Trav took the $1,000ld and gave it to the girl and said use this  money to treat your baby.  The Pastor was right in directing Trav to take the money and Trav was right to take the money.  The Pastor stayed at the hospital, a bit overwhelmed by the events of the day said this before Mark and Trav got in the truck,  “I have witnessed the love of Jesus in more ways in one day than I have seen in years”.   Mark (once again is seeing God’s love poured out upon people) was silent as he and Trav drove back to Ganta.   Finally Mark said, “no one would have done that, no one would have stopped, how did you even know to stop”?  Trav said, “I didn’t know to stop but the Holy Spirit did”.  

Please keep the young mother and her baby in your prayers.  Malaria is a killer here, it is so sad because it is preventable!!!!!
Thank you for your time to read this and pray over this – much love in Jesus –
Trav and Gina
[LD = Liberian Dollar]
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