Preparing to Go Home to Liberia – Looking for Supplies

We are going home to Ganta Liberia in November.  We are organizing supplies for containers.

2 boys

If you do not have the time to look, purchase or bring supplies the mission and want to donate cash or check the mission will buy supplies please send your check by mail to the address on our site or make a credit card donation.

If you want to donate supplies here is a list of what we are looking to load on the container:

We need these supplies for LICC, area churches, clinics, and the Ag Center:
We need ibuprofen, children’s strength Tylenol (or ibuprofen), Neosporin, Bleach wipes, wash clothes, Tide Bleach laundry powder, Borax powder, walk off mats, hot chocolate mix, Mineral blocks for rabbits, salt blocks for livestock, 1 bag of soybeans, chain link dog kennel, charcoal, back up generator (5000 – 7000), 4-wheeler, king size mattress, chicken feed, rabbit feed, dog food, large area rug, box fan, floor lamps, mens dark colored dress pants, solar panels, and coffee.

If you have any thing to donate NOW call us, message me or email me.

If you have medical supplies, musical instruments (working) we need those.

MUSICAL instruments – if you know how to string a guitar, a violin bow, and check out brass instruments to ensure they are in good condition let us know. We have some instruments to ship but need some repairs.

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