Good morning Friends and Family –

Attached you will find the October newsletter.  The first article is not for children and our prayer request continues with this article.
We need peace.
This morning Ganta is rioting, it is dangerous.
While the article talks about the sacrifice of Cyrus, a young man we knew, one week later this morning we awake to two morning murders and two missing young girls one across the road from the school and one from a community about 10 minutes from here.
At 6:30am we learn that a body of a young man has been found chopped up and left on the Methodist field.
At 7:00am we hear about a second body found chopped up and under a cassava plant
At 7:15am we learn about the missing neighborhood four year old girl.
At 8:00am we learn about the missing five year old girl ten minutes away.
Our prayer requests:
1) Peace in Ganta as the protestors are trying to get the attention of the government and the UN because of the recent violence and witchcraft.
2) At our 5:30am chapel service with staff a member shared he has had five of his brother’s children taken into witchcraft.
3) Schools are sending children home, we just sent someone to go and get all of our boys from their schools.
4) Pray the locals understand that there is no witchcraft that can solve these killings only the love of Christ and the protection of God.  The people here think that if a dead body is found without a cover over their head then the police can “get the picture of the last thing they saw with their eyes”.
5) The noise the shouts, the sounds are incredible, please pray.
love gina and Trav
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