Moloney The Witness

If Moloney could talk I am sure he would have a story to tell that would be shared down many goat generations. Moloney’s case started with lack of communication between the airline and the chief veterinarian in Brussels.  Since the chief was unaware of Moloney’s transit Moloney was stopped and not allowed to make the connecting flight to Liberia.  Environmentally controlled air cargo is not on every flight going to Liberia, this airline seems to be our only option. At that point there were three possibilities for Moloney; 1) transit to Liberia 2) euthanized 3) shipped back to Indianapolis.  Brussels decided to ship him back to Indianapolis, but they did it unannounced and kept all of his paperwork.  That became another headache and a costly one.  Now the USDA in Newark New Jersey, had what appeared to be an unauthorized import of a goat, not a good situation.  They confiscated Moloney.  Thank goodness Gina was aware of Moloney’s process and through many helpful people, USDA Import office, family in Indiana and New Jersey, strangers in New Jersey, Chris Fabry and his audience, the Clinton County Chamber office, Indiana Senator Hershman, US Senator Donnelly’s office, policy and Ag experts in D.C. and Indiana’s Board of Animal Health, Moloney was quarantined for 7 days in New York.  During that time he was spoiled, well fed (he has grown a lot) and had his own obstacle course built for him.

Board member, Pastor Kelly summarized Moloney’s journey best:

“As I sit here after dropping Moloney (and your husband) off at the airport about a week ago, I was considering the realm of emotions that went through my head after hearing of the rejection and delay in Brussels. Of course anger and frustration… but now… after seeing what God has been doing through this… I laugh to think about how the mighty God of the universe uses silly things to make people aware of his kingdom.

Let me explain… Since our beloved goat has been detained, how many have heard about HITH’s mission and God’s work? How many have had to sit and listen… in the midst of a day when they enter info on a computer, or move around luggage, or check the temperature on traveling livestock… to a story about God redeeming a people?

I’ve got a grin on my face thinking that God is using a little goat to get three countries to speak together about a ministry in the bush of a far away place that is caring for people, and teaching them how to farm, because a man on a cross 2000 years ago came, died, and rose again, showing how much God loves mankind! Go little goat, go!”

Moloney through a lot of phone calls, a lot of conversation, and a lot of prayer, arrived back in Indiana on Wednesday, March 16th.  He was picked up at the same place Pastor Kelly and Travis dropped him off, the air cargo site at the Indianapolis airport.  Moloney looked pleased with himself, he had accomplished quite a mission, this time the message and plight of Liberia was not shared by hands and feet but rather by a hooves of a goat.  Graciously Tammy and John Tackett, the breeders of beautiful Nubian goats and own the farm in Fountain City where Moloney was born, took Moloney back and refunded the mission’s payment.

At this time we are not sure when we will try to transport another goat or perhaps we will try a.i., neither will be easy.  In the meantime look for Moloney to continue telling about the need for fresh milk in Liberia, the work the mission is doing, and transformation in the hearts of many.

Back home in Indiana Hello familyJohn and Tammy

Moloney was back on his farm in Fountain City was tail up happy to be there.  A few days after his arrival he was reunited with his family. John and Tammy Tackett are the owners of this great farm.

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