Join Us In Liberia

A trip to Ganta, Liberia is being planned for January 2019 and you’re invited to a “Call Out” meeting to be held at Frankfort Evangelical Presbyterian Church; 352 W. Clinton St; Frankfort, IN 46041 (use street level entrance to the basement on west end of building) on Sunday, Sept. 23 from 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.

The trip is being sponsored through Hope In The Harvest Mission Int’l and the meeting will be led by Ruth Schwartz & Gina Sheets.

The basics of the 2 week trip are:

When: January 19 – February 2, 2019 (It’s possible there might be a 1 week option for those on a tight schedule.)

Where: Campus of Liberia International Christian College (LICC) and the Agriculture Research Center (ARC) in Ganta, Liberia

Estimated Cost: $2,500 – $2,700 depending on airfare. (Includes airfare, VISA, travel insurance, meals while traveling and all in country expenses such as room, food & transportation. The 1 week version would be $600 cheaper. Does not include cost of passport, necessary shots and medication.)

Registration Deadline: Friday, Sept. 28 along with a minimum $1,200 deposit so we can reserve the flights.

Possible Projects: Vision Clinics, Building maintenance & painting at LICC, Educational tutoring with LICC staff & Christian teachers in the local community, Women & Girls Empowerment at LICC – Bible & skills training, Woodworking skills training, and for any that might be interested – the United Liberia Inland Church (ULIC) conference will be going on in the Ganta area during the time we plan to be there. The need in Liberia is so great that whatever skill you’ve been blessed with can be put to good use!

Obviously for those of you on this list who are out of town or state and cannot possibly join the meeting in person, we would love to have you attend via video communication.

PLEASE reply to this e-mail if you plan to attend the meeting on Sept. 23. – especially if we need to arrange a video connection. If you cannot attend the meeting but are interested in the trip and would like more information please let me know and I’ll communicate with you separately.

Please come and find out what God is doing over in Ganta, Liberia and how you can get involved!

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