Hope for An Education Commitment

Johns school

For as little as $150.00 A YEAR you can send a child to elementary school.  For as little as $375.00 A YEAR you can support a senior in high school!

With 85% of the Liberian population living on less than one dollar a day and living in extreme poverty, education is not a priority or even a hope. With the spiritual and economic demise that has again fallen upon Liberia, your sponsorship may be the only way for a Liberian to go to school.

You can provide hope, nurturing and a sense of accomplishment in the life of a Liberian. Your sponsorship will change not just the life of one person but the impact will move a country from a state of poverty to a state of development. Providing an educational opportunity is life changing to a Liberian. Employers in Ganta, such as LICC, the banks, the small businesses, the schools, even restaurants, are looking for an educated workforce. Your support provides not only a way out of desperation but also a way to rebuild the confidence and the hope from the elderly to next generation. According to the United Nations, the average length of schooling a Liberians has is just under four years. Only 40% of the adult population is considered literate.

Your sponsorship will impact the future of this country.

Hope For An Education Commitment

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