God’s Acres

Attention all farmers!!

As members of the agricultural community, whether in the US or abroad, we are all united by our commitment to producing enough quality food to feed the world. This is our heartbeat, this is our passion, and this is what we take pride in doing every morning when we wake up and head out to the fields and barns and every night when we head back home and lay back down in bed. And yet somehow, we still have hungry people in our world and this most likely pains many of us. How is this possible with all the improvements that have been made in agriculture and all that we do through charity abroad? We generously send our excess production through charity, we send seeds and new technologies, we educate, and billions of dollars are invested in Africa’s development, yet food insecurity and poverty maintain its grip on the continent.

Liberia is a prime example of a country that has been cut down by poverty and food insecurity. The average person in Liberia is just 18 years old, as a result of a devastating 14 year civil war which wiped out approximately 250,000 people and destroyed the very social and cultural fabric within their country. The average Liberian lives on $1.25 per day and an estimated 63% of people live below the poverty line and go to bed hungry every night. Rice, their staple food, is in short supply as farmers can currently only produce 30% of what their population requires. Overall, Liberia imports 90% of their food and yet they have thousands and thousands of untouched luscious arable acres all across the countryside. Why? How can we partner with these farmers around the world to address this issue so that ALL of us, not just some us, have access to the basic human right of having enough food to eat every day?

Have you ever wondered how you could use your farm, right here in the United States, to make a difference in the lives of farmers internationally? It’s simple! Through an initiative called “God’s Acres” you and hundreds of other farmers around the globe can set aside the revenue from one acre or more of your farmland and donate that toward helping empower farmers internationally! Join us through Hope in the Harvest as we invest more holistically in Liberian farmers by blending agricultural transformation—with the delivery of sustainable agriculture education paired with new technologies/management—with personal transformation— with the cultivation of responsible and ethical leaders who seek to honor God and each other by being stewards of their environment, their community, and their finances. This is the key- this unique pairing of investing in agricultural AND personal transformation together- education, technology, or charity done independently will never be able to provide a long-term sustainable solution the issue of global food security. In order to make a real and lasting change we need to invest in people as a whole (their physical, spiritual , emotional, and mental well-beings), not just material things. Here at Hope in the Harvest, our people are the farmers just like you and me.

Would you consider teaming up with Hope in the Harvest and our supporters to donate one acre of this year’s harvest to empower farmers and to help wipe out hunger in Liberia? This can be done in the form of a one-time gift, a recurring (annual) gift, or a cornerstone gift. Donations can be given online here: https://www.hopeintheharvest.org/donate-to-hope-in-the-harvest/. Just check the “God’s Acres” box on the donation form to let us know you are joining the initiative!

If you have any additional questions about how your donation will be specifically be used to invest in farmers in Liberia, we would love to talk with you and/or other farmers in your area more! Please feel free to email us at contactus@hopeintheharvest.org for more information on how you, your farm, your farmers’ club, or your agricultural organization can partner with our us.

God bless,

Hope in the Harvest team



The beans are doing well and providing food and an income to over ten families.

Can you donate one acre of your production to Hope in the Harvest’s mission to empower farmers in Liberia? Let’s talk more!


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