Not unlike many of you, Hope In The Harvest Missions International is going through some challenging times – family illnesses, team injuries, theft, fire, and fiscal shortfalls. We recognize our opportunities to make improvements and changes in operations and in communications. We recognize that these challenges push us to grow, to be refined, and to stay sharp. It would be easy to say maybe it is time to lay down this development fight in a country that seems to fight development and settle for aid. But we are not going to lay down we will RISE UP. In the perfect storm of need – need to cover operations, need to replace a vehicle, and need to develop viable agriculture production projects we need to raise $104,000.00 by November 30th. We were offered a match of $15,000.00 to our first $15,000.00 raised. If we RISE UP and raise $15,000.00 our $15,000.00 raised will be matched with $15,000.00. We will put this first $30,000 raised towards our vehicle fund, our Farming God’s Way program, and our agriculture development project for feed. The additional funds raised will go towards designated needs of the vehicle and operations. To get this match we need to raise the $15,000.00 by August 31st, 2021

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