Donate to Hope in the Harvest

We are very passionate about what we do and would love to have you or your organization as a partner in this mission! One of the many ways to get involved with Hope in the Harvest Missions International is to partner with us financially. If you are interested in donating, you have a few different options in terms of HOW to make your donation and WHERE to make your donation.

Methods of Donating—HOW do you want to make your donation?

1. The first option available is the more traditional way. You may write a check and mail it to: Hope in the Harvest Missions International (FEP Church), Attention: Rae Jahn, 352, West Clinton Street, Frankfort IN 46041. **Be sure to specify on notes line the account where you want your funds to go (there are 3 options, see below).

2. The second option is to set up recurring (monthly) donation from your bank’s checking account. You may know this as the “online bill payer” feature which allows you, once logged into your bank account online, to set up a process that automatically sends a check each month (for a pre-specified amount) to any address in the country. Please use the above address if you are setting this up with your bank. Be sure to specify on notes line the account where you want your funds to go (there are 3 options, see below).

3. The third option is for those that would like to pay online with a CREDIT or DEBIT CARD. This is a more convenient way to donate and we now also offer the option to set up an account on our website to access your donation history/receipts. The links for setting up your online donation are below (green, red, or blue DONATE buttons).


Account OptionsWHERE do you want your donation to go?

There are three different accounts that you can choose between in order to direct your donation toward your intended purpose within the mission. These are: Donate to the HITH General Fund, Donate to the Glenn Family, or Donate to the Sebald Family. Donating to HITH General Fund goes to support the general upkeep of the ARC by supporting projects, tools/supplies, ARC employee salaries, etc. Donating to the account of either of the missionary families (the Glenns or the Sebalds), goes toward supporting that family and their work directly.


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