Hope in the Harvest Mission International

“What you sow you will reap”.

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Our TWO Impact Areas

Agricultural Transformation

Currently in Liberia, over 70% of Liberians are involved in farming and yet the country is importing approximately 90% of their food. Thousands of fertile acres lay untouched, their potential longing to be explored. We are committed to seeing the agricultural sector in Liberia transformed. Through our work, we are empowering farmers with the knowledge and practical skills that they need to transform their agricultural enterprises into thriving businesses that will not only be used to feed their own families, but will overflow in abundance so that they can be used to feed their neighbors as well.

Personal Transformation

Although the majority of Liberian’s identify as Christians, many Liberians practice a mixed-faith, picking and choosing the aspects of the Bible they believe in and follow and combining these with certain aspects and practices from their ancient tribal religions that are in direct opposition. The result: a weak gospel, broken communities, and souls hungry for The Truth. Many people know of Jesus, but they don’t know Jesus as their personal savior. We are committed to sharing the true gospel and walking alongside people in their faith as they grow closer and closer to the Lord and live their lives transformed by the power of Holy Spirit.

Our THREE Areas of Work


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