A new book called: “Letters Out of Africa” is now available in paperback and electronic form: [www.lettersoutofafrica.com/paperback]

The author has pledged support our ministry with a portion of the proceeds, and we would like to let you know of this resource that might help expand your knowledge of Liberia (as it recovers from their civil war).

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About the author: Suzanne Montgomery is a Family Physician practicing in the Indianapolis area for the last 26 years. She has been involved in mission work locally through free clinics as well as international medical missions in Haiti and Ecuador. She was introduced to Dr. Shadrach Gonqueh through missionaries when he was a refugee of the Liberian civil war studying in an Operation Classroom school in the Ivory Coast.

The book “Letters Out of Africa” was conceived from the many letters between Suzanne and Shadrach over a 2 year period as he struggled to stay alive while waiting to travel to the US to become a doctor.

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